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Quote of the Moment: "The world is so utterly, utterly sad that it's useful to have very concrete things to be sad about, from time to time." - Meg Howrey
I would ever
wanna do

Danielle Brooks & Samira Wiley on Celebrity Girl Crushes

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logan/veronica appreciation week | favourite parallel

listen, i’ll get you for this. i will.


Reporter: Patrick, some of the things early on in your career, this team stuck by you on a lot of things, was there ever a point where you started doubting you’d ever be in this position?

Kane: I never really thought about to be honest with you. I was obviously grateful for the trust and the faith and support given to me by the organization and the front office and even my teammates as well and you know, I think everyone goes through their different maturation process and maybe mine was a little delayed compared to some other guys (laugh). I feel like I’m getting better in that department. I want to be a better person not only on the ice but off the ice as well, so it’s an ongoing process that’s for sure, but I’m just happy that I guess they stuck with me through everything, ‘cause you see different things with athletes in other sports, or even in the NHL, where teams aren’t afraid to trade guys, so i didn’t want that to happen to me.


Click here to watch Jon Stewart discuss the child immigration debate. And stick around for his extended interview with Hillary Clinton.




have u ever tried to look cool in front of ur friends and u image

i have been laughing at this for 10 minutes straight. 

both his pants and underwear came off how did he even manage


hes such a dork

i wanna sit on his dick

As a viewer [of The Office], I wondered what was the status of your relationship [with Mindy Kaling] off-camera? You had such great chemistry; it just seemed so realistic.

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i will literally recognise a fall out boy song within the first 1.5 seconds of it playing, but as soon as you ask me what the name of the song is, I WILL NOT KNOW. 


Fiona Apple, “Get Gone”


Fiona Apple, “Get Gone”

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You know there’s no one else. I only want you.

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The ‘story’ of the mouthpiece [x]
7/5/14: Do you consider yourself a good cook? [X]

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